Wishing life away

I do it everyday. I don’t try to but it’s almost impossible not to look forward to something.

I wish I was out of work and at home relaxing.

I wish it was summer.

I wish it was Friday and the weekend was here. 

Wish this, wish that. Wishing my life away.

Taking the here and now and being thankful for it requires my continuous effort. In my last post, I talked about Little Happies that help with this. Recognizing and being thankful for the little things in my life helps me to be thankful for the here and now. As someone who works in a school, it’s impossible not to look forward to summer vacation and then wish it was June, immediately. But what about those little moments between then and now? They are a gift and I should cherish each one. Looking back and reflecting on things and people in the past is the biggest reminder to me that what we love passes in a flash so we need to treasure what is here in the present.


Throwback to 1990’s and my childhood. Living in the same house with my parents and my brother. Three of my most favorite people under one roof with me. Those were good times and they went too fast. I am sure I wished it was my next birthday or wished it was time to go to college, but I didn’t know how great life was then.




Throwback to early 2000’s when these ladies (and a few others who aren’t pictured) lived within 5 miles of me. Throwback to 2007-10 when all of these friends and I went to Penn State football games and played Loaded Questions to the wee hours of the morning. Throwback to 2011-13 when these people and I shared the awesome city of Pittsburgh together. I was so lucky at a few times in my life (high school, Penn State, Pitt) to live within a few miles of some of my best friends. I probably wished I had a job or wished I was somewhere else but I didn’t know how good I had it.

pappawThrowback to 1989-2012 when my Pap-Paw was just across the river from me and only a phone call away. I probably wished that he wouldn’t always tell me the hard but real truths and pearls of wisdom about life. But his advice was good and getting beat by him in 500 Rummy was fun and I didn’t realize how lucky I was to be so close to my grandfather.

Thinking back on these people and memories is evidence to how quickly time is passing by. Life is good. I need to stop wishing it away.


12 thoughts on “Wishing life away

  1. Loved your reflections and memories! So true what you said..I remember feeling the same way at your age..time does eventually give you a different perspective most of the time..ha ha. Thanks for sharing and the pictures!

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