The Homestretch…

I am finding out that when you work in a school district, the last month is excruciatingly busy and can be compared to the races in track and field. You want to SPRINT to the finish line but it’s more like a MILE race where there is multiple laps to get through before you cross that line.  Summer break is within reach, but you have to work really hard to get there. That has been so true of my last 3 weeks. It has been the busiest time for me between IEPs, reports, therapy students, meetings, and actual track sprints and mile races while continuing to coach. Our girls won Districts last weekend and we have 19 kids heading to Sectionals this weekend. If any of kids place top 4 at Sectionals, it’s on to States next week! Go Wildcats!

blog5This crazy time of year has caused me to self-reflect when I have little spare moments to myself like when I lay in bed at night trying to turn my mind off. Here are some things crawling through my cranial space as of late:

-I am a list type of person. And I find myself making lists a lot. Lately my work related list has been really, really long. Typically a long list that I am nowhere near completing would drive me crazy but at this point in life I have realized that I should be happy with just small accomplishments. My to-do at work has been 15+ items long all week and as soon as I cross one off, I seem to have to add another. But that is OK! I have accepted the fact and I am OK with it. It will get done (sooner or later).

-I have been eating a TON of avocados, lately. What is with my sudden cravings for these things? Luckily these power packed little treasures are super good for you and I’ve eaten about 4-5 a week for the past few weeks. They are also pretty cheap at the Aldi grocery store I frequent. A few ideas for avocados that I have tried recently:

  • Eating it straight from the skin with a sprinkle of salt and pepper
  • Mashing them and spreading them on toast
  • Slicing them up as a topping on my scrambled eggs
  • Slices on my spinach salads with italian dressing
  • Dicing them up into little pieces and mixing into my store bought salsa to eat with chips


-Either I am getting way worse at Scrabble or Nick is getting way better. We have played Scrabble for the past few Sundays before we head to our separate homes and he has been winning. This is a huge change! He has been putting words on the board such as “fable.” (I honestly didn’t think he even knew that word). Check out the picture below for a picture of our latest board and look on there for the shockers that he added. Either way, I am thankful that we can enjoy our time together and be so easily entertained by the little things.

PS- The two words he added on here that shocked me were: FRAIL and SONNET


-This year has cultivated my enjoyment in prepping and cooking food. When I actually have the time to cook and prepare food, I really enjoy it. There is something so satisfying about being hands on in the kitchen and then reaping the rewards with a delicious meal at the table. I have been trying to make a meal for Nick and I on the weekends. Sometimes it’s super simple and sometimes I put forth more effort. This past week’s Sunday dinner reminded me that summer veggies are here! Who doesn’t love corn on the cob?

blog2-Lastly, the homestretch is here. 2 weeks of school left and my last weekend with Nick before summer is here. I will be PA bound for the summer to be a part of wedding festivities for a few friends and to spend time with my family. This is definitely bittersweet. I am beyond excited to see my parents, Grandma, family and friends. There are so many festivities planned for this summer that I can barely think about it right now without getting up and spinning around in excitement. But heading home for the summer also means 2 months without Nick who has been my stronghold for the past 10 months. We used to not see each other for 5 months at a time and now look at me—saddened over just 8 weeks away! My Pappaw always told me “Absence makes the heart grow fonder!” I guess that will be the case this summer.

blog3 blog4


Joshua 1:9 reminds me: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

What a relief that the Lord will bring me through these next two weeks and this mile long race. He will follow me back to PA, while still watching over Nick here in Missouri this summer. Life continues to be good.




Keeping calm and carrying on..

I haven’t posted for the past 2 weeks, which is sad to me because my goal was to blog weekly. However, the end of April and the start of May has brought an increased amount of paperwork, meetings and craziness at school and more high stake track meets after school.  It is easy for me to feel a little overwhelmed at this point because May is going to be extremely busy. Just when I started to think about all of the things I need TO DO this week, I opened up my mailbox to find a card from a friend….



This saying has been popular recently and it made me smile when I saw it. It’s my mantra at this point. Keep calm and just keep carrying on. That is what I have done up to this point and look where it has brought me…to May and the end of my first year working as a speech pathologist and living in Missouri. 4 weeks left. That is very doable.

Highlights of the past weeks include:

1.) BABY CHICKS HATCHING IN MY CLASSROOM: The local 4-H club donated 12 eggs and an incubator for my classroom (and 3 other classes) in my building. We had eggs for a week and last Monday–the eggs began to crack, peeps could be heard and a few hours later, I had 10/12 chicks! This experience was amazing for the kids to see first hand. This experience also taught me that I am not ready for motherhood-ha!! I was a nervous wreck about the welfare of these little birds.

may1 may22.) TRACK, TRACK, TRACK: We are in the final 1/3rd of our season and our schedule has picked up. The past two weeks have included up to 3 track meets and practice on our non-meet days. The exciting thing is that our athletes are doing pretty well at the right time. Today was our Conference meet and our girls landed first place. Check out our partial team photo below from Conferences.

may53.) SOAKING UP SHORT WEEKENDS: Increase in track meets have meant a decrease in time spent with my favorite guy. It has also meant that I’ve started to appreciate my time I do have with him, more. We have spent a lot of time feeding the baby ducks in his development lately. The geese just had babies and we even have a name for this one ugly goose that lives in the pond. Nick and his roommate had a lot of friends over for a boxing match Saturday night and I made some grub for the group. I decided to make dirt dessert only to find out that Nick doesn’t like chocolate pudding. (Crazy that there are still things I don’t know about him after almost 10 years??) We went to this cute breakfast spot over the weekend called ‘The Egg & I.” The pancake I ordered was about as big as a basketball. Love the real smile Nick turned on in the last picture here.







It’s funny how….. a little sunshine, an increase in daylight hours, lots of ice cream, a shorter countdown until summer and fun weekends spent making memories…. can put a BIG smile on my face.