“I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.”-Jeremiah 31:25

It is pretty hard to believe that the first quarter of the school year is wrapping up next week. This means lots of progress reports and lots of reflecting on progress (or not) made with my students over the first quarter of the year. It also means reassessing my approaches with a few students and looking for other ways to reach them. Needless to say at this point, I am also feeling a little wiped. Thankfully today and tomorrow are inservice days at work without students. I find myself needing to take a step back and remember that I am not solely responsible for the kid’s success/failure each day. God will refresh me for the upcoming 3 quarters of the year and will continue to provide and be present in my therapy sessions with these kiddos! On the regular, my time spent with the kids doesn’t go as planned but I know that they are learning and taking away more than just speech and language skills from our interactions.

Image 3
An attempt at a communication board for a few of my nonverbal kiddos!

In other news, the weather is changing and cooler temperatures (and occasional nasty storms) have reached Missouri. Another attempt from God to refresh! The skies have mostly been gorgeous out here, along with sunsets and the trees changing colors. Snapped this on my drive home from work the other day!

Image 1
Ahhh! How gorgeous is that!

Recent weekends have been relaxing and packed with football (WE ARE!). Two weekends ago Nick and I went into the city with our close friends, Ellie and Kurt (who tie the knot next weekend) and we got to see the Eli Young Band for a cheap 10$. It was a really fun night in the city with good music and friends.

Image 6
Cheese at Ballpark Village.
Image 5
Quick snapshot with the band truck. ATTENTION: Nick is smiling. Nick is smiling. This does not happen often!
Image 4
Nick, myself, Ellie and Kurt. Grateful for good friends out here!

Last week, Nick won 4 St. Louis Blues hockey tickets from his gym. We took Ellie and Kurt along with us for the game. Our assigned seats were way up in the nosebleed section but since it was a pre-season game we took advantage of open seats closer to the action. It was very exciting!

Image 2
Hockey games are intense!!

Finally in the kitchen, I have been obsessed with all things pumpkin (cookies, bagels, coffee creamer, pasta, ice cream).’s a problem how much of a sucker I am! I have been whipping up tacos once a week and they are so satisfying. I heat up black beans and corn in one pan and then turkey burger in another! I have been using plain greek yogurt as a sour cream substitute and adding fresh avocado on top. Just looking at this picture I snapped makes me hungry for tacos all over again.

Taco taco taco!

As this week wraps up, I will continue to look to God for refreshment! And I will continue to embrace all things fall (and pumpkin)!


2 thoughts on “Refreshment

  1. Nice blog Tara. You are a sky pilot… Love, dad
    I am always so impressed with your relections and how God’s words fit into your daily life. God is good and you are so special:) Love, Mom

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