Little Happies

Little Happies brighten up your day or week. They pop out when you are least expecting them and remind you that life is good. They come from the strangest of things–sometimes people, inanimate objects or a thought that crosses your mind. Here is my rundown of Little Happies this week:

1.) A Bible verse popping out at me that perfectly describes what I’m feeling at that exact moment: The verse was James 1:5, which reads- “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you.” On the particular day this week that I found this verse, I was struggling with a challenging kid I see for therapy. I kept asking myself, “What else can I do for him?” and “I really don’t even know what to try next.” I was frustrated. Then I realized that I didn’t stop and pray on it or ask God for guidance. Once I did, it gave me a sense of peace. I looked up a few new things to try, talked to the child’s mom and I now feel like we are at least TRYING to make progress again.

2.) Beef Veggie soup from a neighbor: Pictured below and that picture doesn’t do it justice! My “neighbor lady” as I like to call her lives two townhouses away from me. I haven’t seen her in months! She had a baby awhile back and went from sitting on the porch every night to never being outside. This week I happened to run into her 3 separate times and then one night she brought me this soup. So delicious.

beef veg

3.) My left wrist: A strange thing to be happy about indeed. My left wrist is adorned with a few of my favorite things by a few lovely people. When I happen to glance there at some points during the day, it’s an instant happy. First, my watch, which actually was my Pap-Paw’s watch. It’s engraved with his name on the back and was given to me by my Grandma last year when he passed. It keeps me on time and it makes me smile to think of my Pap-Paw having worn it everyday. Second, my Alex and Ani charm bangles. Two of these (the fleur de lis and T) were given to me by my good friend and roommate while overseas in Italy. The third one (daughter) was sent to me by my mom just last week for Valentines Day. Last, my chain, which one of my best friend’s from high school gave me as a graduation present (Gasp!), almost 7 years ago! It’s a good feeling to look down and feel the love on your wrist.


4.) Pirates, Argh and Eye patches: It was Pirates theme in my therapy room this week and the kids loved it. We made eye patches, used treasure maps and played “Pop up Pirate.” One little guy almost had a heart attack when the pirate popped out of the top! The real happiness here is that kids usually find the stuff that I spend the LEAST time on to be the most entertaining. I try to think of these awesome games and activities and then they really just get a kick out of the really simple stuff like being able to wear an eye patch during their session. One of the many things I love about working with kids!

5.) Warmer weather: Not much needs said here. We reached a balmy 60 degrees here yesterday and it felt amazing to run outside without gloves, under armor and frostbitten cheeks. All of the snow has melted, too! Bring on spring.

6.) My plant: Another very strange happy. The week that I moved to Missouri was a big adventure. I was really excited but obviously anxious too. While my parents spent the week helping me to get moved and settled, I realized that for the first time in my life I would be living alone. My townhouse does not allow pets which is a major bummer, but that week my parents tried to substitute for that by buying me a PLANT! A plant??? How could this be a substitute? But no, really, this plant makes me happy. It has gone from having 4 leaves in a little paper cup to thriving in a pot with long vines! It wilted away when I was back in PA for 3 weeks over the holidays but since then I have given in lots of love.

plant7.) “The Fault in Our Stars”: This story by John Green is my latest read on my Kindle. I’ve been in bed by 9 pm every night this week to read this book. It’s about two teens who meet at a Cancer Support group. It talks about love, life and death. I’ve been near tears at parts of it. I’ll probably be in bed shortly to finish it tonight and that makes me happy.