PROOF: The evidence or argument that compels the mind to accept an assertion as true. Thanks Wikipedia for the definition. I had a three day weekend thanks to an impromptu snow day today (#10 in case you were counting with me). A lot of things happened this weekend. Fun things and very stressful things. But all of these things proved something.

1. Proof that a brother is a built-in best friend. My brother and sister-in-law traveled 5 hours from Chicago to St. Louis this weekend to be with Nick and I. The drive really stinks especially after a full work week but they did it. After years of arguments and torturing one another as kids, Aaron and I get along really well at this point in life. He makes things fun. He goes after what he wants and works hard to get it. He is a built-in best friend that I am glad to have.


2. Proof that fun can be had without spending money. Nick and I had a rough plan set for this weekend when my brother and sister-in-law arrived. Go to the city! Do a brewery tour! Go to a rooftop bar! When we were thinking about heading out, Nick said that it was tradition for us to play a card game called “Oh Hell,” that we always play when we are together. This card game turned into 7+ hours of games at Nick’s apartment. We turned the afternoon into our own mini-Olympics, while watching the 2014 Winter Olympics in the background. It was free and it was a ton of fun. Putt-Putt, Darts, Flip Cup, Corn hole, Oh Hell, Spoons, Dizzy bat…what a fun and free afternoon. I play games a lot at work with my kids but sometimes forget that games are a lot of fun for 20 and 30 year-olds, too. Here are some shots captured during those 7 hours.

IMG_1816 IMG_1814 IMG_1782 IMG_1741

3. Proof that things are going to go wrong, but sometimes those wrong things can turn out semi-OK. Friday when driving to Nick’s for the weekend, my car had a breakdown. Three different lights came on the dash and I had trouble accelerating. When I got off his exit and had to sit at 10 different red lights, my car almost shut off at each one, sending me into a panic. I called my parents and then I allowed tears to streak down my face as numerous cars beeped and then passed me. After a weekend of self-diagnosing with Nick and Aaron, and trying to figure out the best course of action, I decided to take it to a Chevy dealership in Nick’s town. I was going to drive the hour back to my place Sunday night to start the work week and then drive back to Nick’s town some night after work when hopefully my car would be fixed. I rented a car and I was prepared to do this, as much as it pained me. Come 4 pm on Sunday it started to snow! Something told Nick and I that a snow day might be in order. A few short hours later, my district called off and I was able to stay at Nick’s for the night and the remainder of today. My car was fixed after a day in the shop and a hefty labor bill, but I didn’t have to drive all the way back and forth and I barely needed the rental car. Car problems happen to everyone, Nick reminded me. This its true and at the end of the day, God caused things to work out. I am thankful for this and for a brother, parents and boyfriend who helped me through the whole situation.

4. Proof that a coffee and some time spent in a bookstore can make any day, a good day. The snow day also gave me some quality time to browse around in Barnes and Noble with a hazelnut macchiato in hand. I found a few cute books to use in therapy, finished “The Rosie Project” by Graeme Simsion on my Kindle (highly recommend it!) and did some people watching. I also spent a large amount of time in the greeting card section. I found a simple card that read “We make a living by what we get…We make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill is given credit for this saying that reminds me this week to give my all. Give my all at work and give my all in relationships. I am happy to be moving forward into the week!

cards 1