Keeping calm and carrying on..

I haven’t posted for the past 2 weeks, which is sad to me because my goal was to blog weekly. However, the end of April and the start of May has brought an increased amount of paperwork, meetings and craziness at school and more high stake track meets after school.  It is easy for me to feel a little overwhelmed at this point because May is going to be extremely busy. Just when I started to think about all of the things I need TO DO this week, I opened up my mailbox to find a card from a friend….



This saying has been popular recently and it made me smile when I saw it. It’s my mantra at this point. Keep calm and just keep carrying on. That is what I have done up to this point and look where it has brought me…to May and the end of my first year working as a speech pathologist and living in Missouri. 4 weeks left. That is very doable.

Highlights of the past weeks include:

1.) BABY CHICKS HATCHING IN MY CLASSROOM: The local 4-H club donated 12 eggs and an incubator for my classroom (and 3 other classes) in my building. We had eggs for a week and last Monday–the eggs began to crack, peeps could be heard and a few hours later, I had 10/12 chicks! This experience was amazing for the kids to see first hand. This experience also taught me that I am not ready for motherhood-ha!! I was a nervous wreck about the welfare of these little birds.

may1 may22.) TRACK, TRACK, TRACK: We are in the final 1/3rd of our season and our schedule has picked up. The past two weeks have included up to 3 track meets and practice on our non-meet days. The exciting thing is that our athletes are doing pretty well at the right time. Today was our Conference meet and our girls landed first place. Check out our partial team photo below from Conferences.

may53.) SOAKING UP SHORT WEEKENDS: Increase in track meets have meant a decrease in time spent with my favorite guy. It has also meant that I’ve started to appreciate my time I do have with him, more. We have spent a lot of time feeding the baby ducks in his development lately. The geese just had babies and we even have a name for this one ugly goose that lives in the pond. Nick and his roommate had a lot of friends over for a boxing match Saturday night and I made some grub for the group. I decided to make dirt dessert only to find out that Nick doesn’t like chocolate pudding. (Crazy that there are still things I don’t know about him after almost 10 years??) We went to this cute breakfast spot over the weekend called ‘The Egg & I.” The pancake I ordered was about as big as a basketball. Love the real smile Nick turned on in the last picture here.







It’s funny how….. a little sunshine, an increase in daylight hours, lots of ice cream, a shorter countdown until summer and fun weekends spent making memories…. can put a BIG smile on my face. 





Heaven on Earth=Lazy Sunday afternoons

After I survived 11 snow days, I thought I had seen the worst of Missouri weather. Then April rolled in and it became ‘storm’ season. Last week was a little scary with thunder, lightning, hail, wind, rain and funnel clouds in the area. Here is a picture of the worst of the storm as it quickly rolled into my development last Thursday night. Our track meet was cancelled due to the weather so I was safely inside my townhouse when this all touched down.


Our track meet was rescheduled for Friday night. After the meet, I finally headed in Nick’s direction for a weekend of freedom. Nick had his heart set on seeing the new ‘Captain America’ movie. I had my heart set on feeding the ducks in his pond, a run and cooking up a new recipe. With an entire Saturday and Sunday to ourselves, all of these things were accomplished. Saturday, we met up with a few of Nick’s friends for dinner, pool and then the movie. If I was on my own, Captain America would not be my first choice in movies, but with Nick and his enthusiasm for the Marvel series sitting next to me, it made for a pretty awesome flick. I visited the mall for an hour on Saturday to do some shopping and stumbled across these superhero leggings. Almost bought them to wear to theatre just to make Nick laugh (almost).



Amazing how fun it is to meet people through other people on the weekends. We went to the movie with Nick’s good buddy from work, who is dating a girl that is getting her Master’s in social work. What I thought was going to be a ‘night with the guys’ actually turned into some interesting conversation with this girl who I had a lot in common with. Nick and I posed for a pic mid-pool game with the group.



Finally on Sunday, we went to church, got Thai food, fed the ducks and took cat naps. Heaven on Earth= Lazy Sunday afternoons. I wanted to make us a hearty Sunday meal that required little prep and would leave leftovers for the week for both Nick and I. I have been on a Mexican kick lately so this recipe I stumbled across online was just what I was looking for.

Mexican Skillet Pasta (One Pot Wonder) 


1 lb ground turkey –  1 (15 oz) can of tomato sauce – 2 cups salsa (your choice on type used) – 2 cups of pasta (we used the vegetable tri-color rotini) – 1 cup corn – 1 cup black beans (make sure to rinse) – shredded cheddar cheese (1/2 cup to a cup based on preference) – avocado or guacamole


Cook pasta. Brown and drain turkey in large skillet. Add tomato sauce and salsa  to meat and stir well. Then mix cooked pasta, corn, beans into skillet. Stir in cheese (preferred amount) to thicken the sauce. Serve and add sliced avocado or guac on top. Enjoy!


Make sure to use a large enough skillet. Mine was overflowing!