Summer Lovin’

It’s been TWO MONTHS since I last posted on here! Eeek. June, July and the beginning of August flew by so quickly. I feel extremely blessed because I spent the summer months back in PA getting my fill of time with family and friends. I stood beside two of my best friends as they married the loves of their lives. I spent many days with my dear friend’s baby girl, Molly Mo. I finally can say that I feel comfortable feeding a baby! I went to the beach 3x- once for my friend’s bachelorette party, once for a day trip with my ma and once for girl’s week with my aunts, ma and grandma! I went on daily walks/runs with my ma, mowed my grandma’s yard each week and spent time with my high school friends around town at our local brewery. I also visited Pittsburgh, my grad school friends and attended an SLP conference. PHEW- it was a busy summer, but a great one. See below for highlights of the summer!

Image 1
Early birthday celebration dinner with my parents and Gma!
Image 5
On the beach in OCMD for Katie’s Bachelorette Party weekend!
Image 6
4 days in Pittsburgh with Emil Lee Kennedy- running, eating and exploring together! Oh and Bella!
Image 7
Girl’s Week at the beach with Mom, Grandma, Aunt Kim, Aunt Robin!
Image 8
The current love of my life–Molly Mo! The happiest and sweetest baby around. Susan and Matt are doing such a great job with her.
Image 9
Some of our group at Katie’s wedding! Got to see Nick for a few days this summer when he flew in for the wedding.
Image 10
Katelyn got hitched!!!

On Tuesday, I flew back to St. Louis, Missouri and traveled back to my little town of Union. My townhouse and car were alive and well. My classroom was in a state of disarray. My mail was piled up high. I hankered down and spent Wednesday and Thursday cleaning, running errands, paying bills, getting groceries and getting my classroom in shape. I really did not cook much over the summer since I had my dear mother doing most of it, so I also got back into the kitchen these past few days. See below for 2 recipes that you have to try! Then check out my classroom (Super-hero themed this year)!

Image 3
Spinach and Mushroom Quinoa (recipe on )


Image 2
Baked Oatmeal Cups for On the Go! Recipe at

For this recipe, I swapped canola oil for the coconut oil and honey for maple syrup!

Image 4
One bulletin board from my classroom. OUR SPEECH IS SUPER!

Yesterday was our first day back to work, staff only. This week we have staff days Monday and Tuesday and then the kids come in on Wednesday. A brand new school year with new challenges is daunting. The physical prep in my classroom is not nearly as important as the mental and spiritual prep needed to face another year! I know a new school year equals new changes as well. From PA back to MO, from a first year SLP to a second year CCC SLP…changes are plentiful. I am currently finding peace and joy in knowing that despite all of these changes and challenges in my life…

” Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever.” -Hebrews 13:8


Wishing life away

I do it everyday. I don’t try to but it’s almost impossible not to look forward to something.

I wish I was out of work and at home relaxing.

I wish it was summer.

I wish it was Friday and the weekend was here. 

Wish this, wish that. Wishing my life away.

Taking the here and now and being thankful for it requires my continuous effort. In my last post, I talked about Little Happies that help with this. Recognizing and being thankful for the little things in my life helps me to be thankful for the here and now. As someone who works in a school, it’s impossible not to look forward to summer vacation and then wish it was June, immediately. But what about those little moments between then and now? They are a gift and I should cherish each one. Looking back and reflecting on things and people in the past is the biggest reminder to me that what we love passes in a flash so we need to treasure what is here in the present.


Throwback to 1990’s and my childhood. Living in the same house with my parents and my brother. Three of my most favorite people under one roof with me. Those were good times and they went too fast. I am sure I wished it was my next birthday or wished it was time to go to college, but I didn’t know how great life was then.




Throwback to early 2000’s when these ladies (and a few others who aren’t pictured) lived within 5 miles of me. Throwback to 2007-10 when all of these friends and I went to Penn State football games and played Loaded Questions to the wee hours of the morning. Throwback to 2011-13 when these people and I shared the awesome city of Pittsburgh together. I was so lucky at a few times in my life (high school, Penn State, Pitt) to live within a few miles of some of my best friends. I probably wished I had a job or wished I was somewhere else but I didn’t know how good I had it.

pappawThrowback to 1989-2012 when my Pap-Paw was just across the river from me and only a phone call away. I probably wished that he wouldn’t always tell me the hard but real truths and pearls of wisdom about life. But his advice was good and getting beat by him in 500 Rummy was fun and I didn’t realize how lucky I was to be so close to my grandfather.

Thinking back on these people and memories is evidence to how quickly time is passing by. Life is good. I need to stop wishing it away.