Days with Little Guys

Most days I go to work and it’s pretty normal. Other days I go to work and it’s anything but normal and I just have to chuckle at the hilarious things that the kids say and the strange things I got to do that day. Below are 5 things that all happened today….

1. Little guy #1 is in my room playing with cars and having a great time when all of sudden he is inconsolable and screaming and I don’t know what to do. It takes a full 2.5 minutes until I look down and realize he peed his pants and it made a little puddle on the ground.

2. Little guy #2 is dismissed from language therapy. Progress made! Good luck in Kindergarten little friend!

3. Little guy #3: Tells me that he has a “dito” (mosquito) bite on his leg but that, “They don’t hurt as much to me cause I’m a man.” Had to hold in my laughter for that one.

4. Little guy #4: My last kiddo of the day who without fail talks about “biduhman” (Spiderman) every time I see him, tells me that next year for Halloween, he is going to be “Spiderman.” (I already knew this, but he used his S sound for the first time ever without me prompting him!!) What a way to end my day 🙂

5. About 20 little guys around 2:15 PM: Severe t-storms hit the area this afternoon and a lightning bolt struck down close to our school. It caused our fire alarms to go off, which included bright flashing lights and ear piercing sirens. Plan of action was to coral all the kids together and hover in the kid’s bathrooms and sit on the floor close to the walls to stay safe. This ensued a 15 minute stretch of singing “Wheels on the Bus,” “Twinkle, Twinkle” and “Jingle Bells” to keep all the little guys distracted and happy.

It was a good day.