Refreshed by a Friend

I attended grad school for two years in Pittsburgh and at a lot of points–It was tough. But I got through it and I can thank Emil Lee Kennedy (previously Emily Ondich) for that. This past weekend, my grad school roommate and lifesaver of a friend came to visit me in St. Louis. It was St. Patty’s day weekend so we headed into the city Saturday morning to see the parade and crazy people. We also bought a day pass for the metro link which took us all around town. We visited the Delmar Loop which is about 6 blocks of shops, galleries, bars, cafes and restaurants. We drank root beer on the patio of a pub and soaked up the sun. We found out why Missouri is called the “show me” state (sort of) and then I brought Emily back to my town home in Union. Sunday we spent lazing around, watching movies, eating ice cream and catching up. I have missed her so much! I took it for granted having a roommate for the past 6 years of my life prior to moving here. That company and common ground in a great friend is something I really treasure in Emily and saying good-bye Monday morning was rough. See the pics below for a snapshot of our weekend.

em1Metro ride into the city with Emily and one of Nick’s friends.


em2 Nick and his roommate rode into the city with us, too.

em3Emily and I at the St. Patty’s day Parade with the arch in the far back.  em4 Sunshine and Diet Root beer on the Delmar Loop.em5 Iced mochas and cannoli. We were splurging. em6Miss you already, Emily!