Purposeful Living

Where did March go? It’s the 26th and I feel like it was just the 3rd. Life has been busy the past few weeks with track in full swing but I am enjoying it all.

Some highlights of the past week include:

Molly Moran’s birth. My cousin and lifelong best friend, Susan Moran, gave birth to her baby girl, Molly Moran on Sunday. It’s mind blowing to me how perfect Molly is from her long dark hair to her tiny little pucker. June is seeming a little too far away right now when I have Molly on the mind.

Surviving the first track meet of the season in a flash winter storm. It snowed the entire meet but our athletes pushed through and made the most of it. Proud of my triple jump group who gave their best effort and got those first meet jitters out of the way. See below for pic of the track/field at the end of the night. Brrrr.


Exploring Meremec State Park with Nick over the weekend. On Saturday, Nick and I had a free day that we didn’t know what to do with. It was decently nice outside (the sun was peeking through) so I decided to look up if there were any hiking trails nearby. Little did I know, Meremec State Park is a 30 minute drive from my place so off we went. Once we reached the visitors center, there was a trailhead right off the parking lot where we started and hiked for about an hour and a half. The trail included 3 caves that you are usually able to explore (at your own risk) but which had been quarantined due to a rare bat condition that a lot of the bats were dealing with. Who knew? But we enjoyed winding up and down the altitude of the trail and poking around in the creek. The little frog guy below is the only living creature we saw besides birds and minnows. It was a great way to spend the afternoon and did I mention, free???



Celebrating Nick’s 26th Birthday. Nick and I have been through a decent amount of birthdays together and it’s tough to continue making them feel special. He set the bar pretty high at my last birthday so I felt some pressure leading up to his big day last week. On Friday after work he headed to my place after receiving his “Birthday Itinerary” by email earlier that week. We spent the night at the local fish fry,  then bowling and playing arcade games at the local alley and finally by opening presents back at my place. I finally committed late Thursday night to making him one of those no-sew fleece blankets. For a guy who is as tall as Nick, this meant a lot of fabric, cutting and knot tying. Nick’s reaction to seeing his superhero blanket was priceless. It was his favorite gift by far and I know it will come in handy if this never-ending polar vortex keeps sticking around.




With moments as good as these, it’s easy to be thankful for the past week. Despite meetings and challenges at work, continuing arctic weather spells and little germs that have crawled into my body and festered into a cold…life  marches on and brings pleasant moments with it. I read in a blog  that one truth to always keep in mind is that when we wake up each morning, the God of the universe loves us and intended for us to live out that day. This has been on my mind all week and is reminding me to live each day with purpose.