Vacuums and Vino

“Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.” -Philippians 1:3

Mama Anspach and Grandma Welsh decided to fly out and visit me in Missouri this past weekend. They traveled by every mode of transportation (car, plane, subway, train), except for a plane, on Friday to get to me. I took an extended lunch break Friday to pick them up in the next city over and PHEW, what a relief to see two of my favorite people in the world. Grandma embraces these adventures to visit her grandchildren with such energy and excitement. She hugged me like she hadn’t seen me in years! And even though I talk to my Mom almost daily, it is so refreshing to be with her in person.

Friday night we stayed in town and tried a small family owned Italian restaurant for dinner. Then we spent 2+ hours in Target. How does that happen?? Our main purchases were a new vacuum cleaner and a foam mattress pad for my bed. I acted like I didn’t need these things but Mom insisted and what a difference. No more springs poking you in the back from my bed and I can actually use the vacuum attachment to get to all of the corners of my apartment. (I must secretly enjoy cleaning?)

On Saturday, we went to Washington and walked around at the Farmer’s Market and BBQ Bluesfest. It was a gorgeous, sunny, breezy day. We then drove to one of the many wineries in Missouri wine country- Noboleis Winery. Free wine tasting and a gorgeous view! The wine tasting man insisted that I might not be 21 and carded me. I’ll take it. We tried about 8 wines before we bought a bottle and sat on the patio to people watch and chat. Love this photo and Grandma’s look of pure joy.

mom1Next we came back to my townhouse and crashed HARD. A bottle of wine will do that. Nick arrived and we went to dinner at a Mexican place in town and then saw the movie, “Noah.” It was interesting, although after watching the movie, we came back to my place and read the story out of the Bible as a refresher because it was clear that the director took some creative licensure when making the film.


On Sunday, Nick made us eggs and then we headed to Palm Sunday church. We were going to stay at my townhouse and cook some lunch before taking Mom and Grandma to the airport, but decided last minute to make the most of the afternoon. We headed to the Delmar Loop in St. Louis and to Fitz’s Brewery for freshly brewed root beers. Then we drove around Forest Park and hit up the Starbucks. The best parts of the weekend were the conversations we had and the laughs we shared. I will see Mom and Grandma a decent amount over the summer but this little visit gave me an oomph to finish the remainder of the school year. The verse above from Philippians is so true when referring to these two women. They are truly blessings in my life!